Orange Is the New Black Season 8 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

orange is the new black season 8 release date plot and everything you should know 1

Can film adaptation of memoirs become popular and in demand? Practice shows – maybe, and how! On the Netflix platform, the series based on an autobiographical book has been running for 7 seasons. Now fans are waiting for the release of Orange, the hit of season 8.

For the exact release date of “Orange Is the New Black” season 8, with a schedule for all series, see the article below.

Orange Is the New Black season 8 Plot

Piper Chapman is a young American woman from Connecticut. She lives a quiet, measured life, prepares for her wedding with her fiancé Larry and very rarely remembers her own past. And there is something to remember: the heroine was not always so decent and law-abiding. The past reminds us of herself: the heroine is arrested on a longstanding case and sent to Litchfield Women’s Prison, where Piper will spend the next 15 months.

Orange Is the New Black season 8 shot from a film

Behind bars, the heroine meets her former beloved Alex. It was her idea 10 years ago that the girls contacted the drug cartel, and she gave up her accomplices when she was arrested. But there is no time to find out the relationship with the ex-girlfriend. Now Piper will have to adapt to a life previously known only from books, films.

The women’s prison lives its own life. It has its own set of rules, which are strictly monitored by guards. But there are other laws that are unwritten. Breaking them is even scarier, because then the payback can come at any time, from the prisoners. An infantile, spoiled heroine is not easy to get used to the new conditions, but she is determined to survive here.

Orange Is the New Black season 8 film picture

It is difficult to understand the colourful society that surrounds a girl. African-American women, Latin Americans, madmen and drug addicts all form their own small communities. Surviving in prison alone is not easy. The heroine unwittingly has to get involved in a new life, getting to know the women here, learning their complicated stories. They all started differently, but ended up in one place: Litchfield Women’s Prison.

When will Orange Is the New Black season 8 be released?

Piper had to endure a lot in prison: isolation from his family and separation from his fiancé, meeting with an old lover and a new betrayal, even a prison riot and his own wedding. But now her story comes to an end. The creators have officially announced: the Orange release date – there will be no season 8 episode 1 hit. The project is over.

Orange Is the New Black season 8 Cast and voice-over

  • Piper Chapman is the main character in the series. A young girl who got involved with drug trafficking in her youth and received 10 years later. She has the gift of getting in and out of history without being seriously hurt. Kind enough, fair enough, despite her pampering.
  • Alex Vose is a former girlfriend of the heroine and also the one responsible for her going to prison. After both girls are locked up, the feelings between them flare up again.
  • Galina “Red” Reznikova is a prison cook and local “authority”. In addition to the cuisine, she is also head of local smuggling. Later, she is forced to fight to retain her influence.

Interesting about Orange Is the New Black

  • The developers announced that the release date of Orange is the hit of season 8, and it is not worth waiting for the developers to announce it before the release of the previous part.
  • The protagonist, like many other characters in the series, has real prototypes. Only their surnames have been replaced, sometimes their names.
  • The battery and foil lighter shown in the tape really works, but the anecdote about the penguin, the scraps of which can be heard quite often, could not be found in full.
  • It makes no sense to prolong the project and announce the eighth season: the heroine goes free. Thus, the story of her prison life is over.

Orange Is the New Black season 8, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Orange Is the New Black season 8closed

Attention! This “Orange Is the New Black” season 8 release date may be subject to change or clarification.

Orange Is the New Black season 8 Trailer

I’m sorry, but there is no trailer. When the official trailer for Orange Is the New Black season 8 comes out, we will definitely add it. In the meantime, we suggest remembering what happened in season 7:

Orange Is the New Black season 8 review

Art Direction - 88%
Musical Accompaniment - 80%
Scenario and Dialogue - 69%
Special Effects and Graphics - 72%
Viewer Expectations - 76%
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