List of Best Kissmanga Alternatives in 2020 [Official and non-Official]

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Kissmanga Shut Down:

As we all know that there is a shut down of a popular manga site ‘Kissmanga’! Well, this is not good news for the manga fans out there. After all, Kissmanga was famous for the most significant manga collections of almost all the Japanese Manga. Moreover, these mangas were free of cost to access. However, people used to face some annoying problems like useless security checks and pop-ups. But still, the site worked very well for all the people across the globe. Because of the shut down of the site, if you try to open the ‘Kissmanga’ place now, it would not open. The site will give you a notification that this site no more exists because of the copyright claims. Moreover, the whole database is not available anymore!

Reason of the Shut Down of Kissmanga:

According to the reports, the site of Kissmanga was not an official source for uploading of Manga that was happening. Just like Kissmange, another site ‘Kissanime’ also premiered one popular anime that too without any official right or authority to stream or premier those videos. As a result of which both the sites faced a shutdown as there was a copyright claim on them. There are some reports, which say that there are some other sites which are following the same path. Therefore, as a result of which they may face the same fate as these two sites.

Although, there is still no clear reasons for the shut down of these two sites. Popular sites like Kissanime have been there for almost a decade. Moreover, this site has faced many attacks, but still, it came back. Because of the shut down of these two famous sites, many fans are looking for better alternatives. Well, for all those fans we have brought the list of the best and topmost official and non-official sites which are surely going to be the best alternatives for these two sites.

Kissmanga Alternatives:

As Kissmanga is no more available for the fans to access their favourite Japanese Manga, there are some alternatives which may prove to be of great help. Moreover, there are many such options present which is going to be both official and non-official. Every choice may have its pros and cons. Therefore, you will have to visit each one of them to find out the best option. We will provide you with the list of some best alternatives with a few details so that it could help you to choose a suitable and better choice.

Official Sites:

  • Viz: This site is a MANGA Plus by Shueisha

When it comes to selling the Manga outside the country of Japan, then we hear the name of this company. Therefore, this company is one of the leading and best distributor the Manga series outside of Japan. The best thing about this particular company is that it sells the Manga in the printed form of copies. The company is not only famous for its printed copies but also for its digital version as well. Therefore, the fans do not need to worry as they can buy the whole volume of their favourite Manga.

This company also has a partner site ‘Manga Plus’. Shueisha is the sponsor of this partner site. The site is popular because every week and every month it uploads the brand new chapters of the popular manga releases in the magazine with the name ‘Shonen Jump Magazines’. The best part is that it comes with the Spanish and English translations. For now, the company has the new and latest chapters of every Manga. All you need to do is, you have to sign up in case you need a premium. Therefore, it will unlock the entire Manga for you.

  • Bookwalker and Comic Walker

If you need only digital Manga and comics, then this site is the best for you. This site is a Japanese site where the users can find many fashionable and trendy comics and Manga. You can not only read the comics and Manga but can also buy them. Moreover, you can also find some stuff which is free of cost. Whereas, another site which is Comic Walker provides the users with a large number of free Manga free of charge. Publishers make them available in Japanese and English versions.

Non-Official Sites

If you do not want to go with the official sites, then you have the option to select among the non-official sites. Moreover, despite being the non-official sites, they have a higher collection of popular Manga. Some of them are there in the list; you can find any of your favourite Manga from any era.

  • Mangafox
  • Another option is the Manga Park site.
  • Manga Reader
  • Mangdex
  • Bato ( Important note: This site contains adult content only)
  • Manga Panda

As there are two options available to you, either you can go with Official Sites or with Non-Official sites. But we recommend you to go for the official websites and not the non-official sites. As these non-official sites are the second party sites because of which whatever revenue, they earn it does not reach the actual creator of the Manga. Therefore, if you will choose the official websites, then all the income will enter the team which deserves it the most!

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