Elite Season 5 release date: Plot and Everything you should know

elite season 5 release date plot and everything you should know 1

Many fans are already interested in the release date of Elite season 5 episode 1, although only one fourth of the project is currently under preparation. According to preliminary calculations, the fifth season will not appear until 2022. The youth show about the life of teenagers has aroused lively interest in a busy audience. The scandalous picture was filmed in Spain specifically for Netflix, a service that likes to throw very controversial pictures at the public. And this film is no exception, as it raises many social issues and tests us for tolerance of views.

You can find the exact release date of “Elite” season 5, with a schedule of all series, just below.

Elite season 5 Plot

It is too early to talk about the release date of the Elite season 5 series. However, loyal fans still hope that the project will be extended by a few more parts. The story of ordinary teenagers who found themselves in an elite school turned out to be interesting to viewers. In addition to the abundance of ambiguous characters and complex relationships between them, the authors managed to put a detective line in the centre of the painting.

Elite season 5 series release date

When a badly built school in a poor area fell apart in front of residents, three high school students were transferred to an elite institution. “Las Encinas is the most prestigious educational institution in the country. Ordinary people are strictly forbidden to enter it. However, for the purposes of social experiment, three children from low-income families are transferred to the institution for rich students.

When exactly will the Elite season 5 series be released?

A great Muslim girl, a naive simpleton and a tough guy, but the poor kid finds himself in a very unfriendly atmosphere. From the first minutes, the protagonists are told that they will not be here for long. The “Golden Youth” is trying to survive the poor from the walls of the school by ruthless methods. However, it soon becomes clear that the “new guys” are not so simple. At the same time, the school is investigating the death of a rich student who was a very nice and pleasant girl.

Will the series Elite season 5 be released?

Already the first episodes of the series showed us high ratings and the desire of viewers to see new series. On 20 July 2020, the channel announced the official extension of the show. It is not known when Elite season 5 will be released and whether it will take place at all. However, it is highly probable that the creators of the Spanish project will surprise their audience once again.

Elite season 5 Cast and voice-over

  • Samuel (Itsan Escamilla). New student at an elite school.
  • Marina (Maria Pedrasa). HIV-positive girl.
  • Guzman (Miguel Bernardo). Marina’s brother.
  • Christian (Miguel Vernan). Party lover.
  • Nadia (Mina Al-Hammani). Girl with Muslim roots.
  • Fernando (Jaime Lorente). Samuel’s brother, who recently got out of prison.
  • Underer (Aaron Pieper). A friend of Guzman’s.

Interesting facts about Elite

  1. The painting was commissioned by Netflix. The streaming giant did not miss out on the launch of this project, as today the question of whether Elite season 5 will be shown is of interest to many fans of the show.
  2. In the first month after the launch, the painting attracted 20 million viewers.
  3. The film keenly raises issues of religion and tolerance of opinion.
  4. Some critics compare the film to the Argentinean creation Riot Spirit, but most fans saw a clear similarity between the show’s plot and the American film 13 Why.
  5. In the fifth part of the ribbon, the creators promise us an addition to the acting staff.

Elite season 5, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Elite season 510autumn 2022

Attention! Changes or clarifications are possible in the “Elite” season 5 series release date.

Elite season 5 Trailer

Sorry, but the trailer is not here yet. We will definitely add an official trailer when “Elite” season 5 comes out.

Elite season 5 review

Art Direction - 88%
Musical Accompaniment - 83%
Scenario and Dialogue - 72%
Special Effects and Graphics - 48%
Viewer Expectations - 83%
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