Clicker Heroes Hacked: Players to use Hacks and cheats for the ease of the game.

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American independent studio Playsaurus in the year of 2014 developed an idle game known as Clicker Heroes. Cloudstone, Playsaurus’s earlier game has played a role to give rise to a by-product which is Clicker Heroes. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 broadcast the game in the year of 2015 and 2017 respectively. It has received positive feedback and appreciation from the critics. Nathan Grayson has addressed it with “Perfect office space distraction”.

Gameplay: Clicker Heroes Hacked

This idle game aims to achieve Hero Souls. This soul gives Ancient by which the player gets benefits in a different part of the game. The nature of the player will depend on which Ancient that they chose to take. Clicker Heroes revolves around collecting gold coins by killing the enemies to upgrade themselves in the next level. Once you kill an enemy, they dropped gold coins; you have to collect those gold coins and purchase characters. This purchasing will help increasing deaths of the enemy and will also increase the player’s damage per second. When you reach the fifth level, you must kill one enemy. But this should happen within the allotted time, and if you exceed this time, inevitably, you will fail. When a player reaches 100th level, it starts to drop Hero soul in every 100 degrees. This 100th level after 100 level achievement is what we say “primal” boss level.

List of hacks: Clicker Heroes Hacked

We always look for a way to ease anything that we do. Video games are also not an exception. We are going to give you a list of cheats or hacks that players use during the gameplay.

  • Collecting Hero Souls
  • Paying attention to achievements
  • Gilding Heroes
  • Ascend with wise
  • Ancient suitable for you
  • Transcending

Illustration of the important hacks: Clicker Heroes Hacked

So let’s start with Hero Soul collection. It is the most important thing to do in this game. You are not really into the game unless you collect Hero Souls by killing the enemies. After you reach 100th level, bosses defeated in every 100 degrees will grant you these souls. The hero souls help you to improve your attack quality towards enemies.

In-goal achievements are something that you should not ignore for sure. That is why I have added it to the list. You need to collect in-goal results that will help you to improve your game. In-game achievement offer rewards in the form of a 5% increase to the damage of your heroes inflict. This differences will eventually add up to form a more significant difference. Some of them will get unlocked at a time, but some of them you can at the moment you achieve it. The time you activate it, you will be able to perform those levels that let you stretch towards some of the challenging goals. So keep it in your mind.

Other Important Hacks to mention: Clicker Heroes Hacked

Another one is Gilding Heroes. As you advance the game, you will find heroes that will work on your behalf by hacking away at foes. These heroes you will have to buy by your coins you gained defeating the enemies. You will not even have to click to kill those foes; heroes will do it for you. You can de-gild a hero on your choice as you upgrade to the higher level. The gild that has worked well and made sense the most will evolve gradually. You have to keep in mind that whenever you see a gild is not decreasing its’ energy to smash the enemies, you will have to change it. And move on to the next one.

Another thing to look seriously is to how you invest your heroes as you ascend. You have to choose wisely about whom you are going to take and for how long.

The Methods for hacking: Clicker Heroes Hacked

The following is the method of how to play hacks in Clicker Heroes

  • Install Cheat Engine, if you don’t know about it, google it.
  • Now for downloading cheat table, open the cheat engine box.
  • After opening the cheat table, under the “File” option, click “Load.”
  • Browse to find the file you downloaded, click “Open.”
  • The program should run now.
  • If the computer asks you to enable the “Lua Script”, select “Yes to All”
  • With the hack running we now must obtain the “PID” of the game.
  • From here, open a new tab named “about memory.”
  • You will see a number, copy and paste it to cheat engine.
  • Open and scan button will display, click on it.
  • This option will tell you to continue the game.
  • If you wish to change your gold count, click on the “Set up for the gold” button.
  • Type the amount of gold you want in the lower text box and click on the “Give me the Gold Button.”
  • You have successfully hacked the gold.
  • Exit the program or close the tab, your game will continue as usual.
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