Barbaren Season 2: Release Date, When Will It Arrive Now?

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On 23 October 2020, Netflix presented a new historical series to the audience. The exact release date of Barbaren season 2 episode 1 has not yet been announced. If the show shows good ratings, we can talk about extending the picture. The first part of the multi-episode tape includes six episodes. Each of them shows events that took place in the ninth year on ancient German territory.

For the exact release date of the Barbaren season 2 series with all series schedules, see the article below.

Netflix has officially extended the series for the second season. We look forward to continuing!

Barbaren season 2 Plot

The historical picture started on a giant stream just recently. It is too early to tell about the release date of the Barbaren season 2 series. But the feedback from critics who started watching the show is positive.

Barbaren season 2 2021 series release date

In the multi-part film, the audience will see how the Germanic tribes managed to stop the Roman army, gaining freedom from the invaders.

The story begins when the son of a local tribe leader comes to a powerful governor. In those days, the Romans used to invite Germanic people into their families. In this way, they maintained a delicate balance between people.

When exactly will the Barbaren season 2 series be released?

A young man named Arminius finds himself in the house of the Roman Varus. He gave his guest a good education and trained him in military science. After a while, the main character got a good position in the regiment. One day he returned home and realised that a lot had changed there. Arminius saw that his tribe was going to end the rule of the Roman people. The people were preparing for war, with the intention of conquering territory and freedom. Arminius will have to make a difficult choice – to decide which side he is on.

The main battle will take place in the Teutoburg forest. It is there that the Germans must win and become free.

Will Barbaren season 2 be released?

Knowledgeable people have probably heard about the battle in the Teutoburg forest. This is a real historical fact. It was here that three enemy legions lay down, and that very Quintilius Var, the commander of the army, died. It cannot be said how true and reliable the story presented by the Netflix team will be. Most likely, there will be many discrepancies with reality in the show. But it is possible that the picture will be to the audience’s liking, and then the question of whether the Barbaren season 2 show will prove to be resolved.

The project was directed by Barbara Eder and Steve Ledger, who worked on several episodes of the famous Viking saga. We know Barbara Eder thanks to the series West of Freedom.

Barbaren season 2 Cast and voice-over

  • Var (Gaetano Aronica). The governor who trained the German warrior.
  • Tusnelda (Jeanne Gurso). Spouse Arminia.
  • Arminius (Lawrence Rupp). A young man who was taught by Var.
  • Segest. (Bernhard Schutz). Father-in-law of the main character.
  • Ansgar (Jeremy Miliker).

Interesting facts about Barbaren

  1. The project’s showrunners are Arnie Nolting, Ian Martin Scharf and Andreas Hackmann. Nolting and Scarf were the screenwriters for the film “Red Bracelets Club: How It All Started”. Hackmann is known to most viewers for his work “Out of Control” 2017.
  2. On 12 October 2020, a trailer for the series appeared for the first time in the Network.
  3. The show can be compared to impressive works such as “Rome” and “Spartacus”. Fans may soon be wondering when Barbaren season 2 will come out.
  4. The key characters in the film are the real people of the time. Arminius was a skilled military leader, and Varus was an experienced Roman commander.

Barbaren season 2, the date of release of all series

NameNumber of episodesIssue Date
Barbaren season 211October 29, 2021

Attention! Changes or clarifications are possible on the release date of the “Barbaren” season 2 series.

Barbaren season 2 Trailer

Sorry, but the trailer is not here yet. We will definitely add an official trailer when “Barbaren” season 2 comes out.

Barbaren season 2 review

Art Direction - 94%
Musical Accompaniment - 83%
Scenario and Dialogue - 75%
Special Effects and Graphics - 70%
Viewer Expectations - 77%
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