“Animal Kingdom” is coming back with “Season 5”: Will “Leckie” be able to stop “Joshua” from doing his “Dirty business”?

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The American crime series the Animal Kingdom has a large fan-following. As of course, Americans do know that tales of crime are much interesting with family twists.

The series is adapted from an Australian Movie by David Michod. This family TV show is created by  Jonathan Lisco.

The series presently has four seasons, and there is a high chance of getting the fifth one. Are you excited for Animal Kingdom Season 5? If yes, then read on.

Release Date

If you are wondering whether we will get a new season or not, rest assured as TNT renewed the franchise for Season 5 in July 2019.

The latest season of the franchise ended in August with thirteen episodes. The creators have followed a pattern of starting in May and finishing off it in August. The last four seasons followed the pattern.

So following the same schedule, the new season should have been here by May 2020. But due to pandemic, shooting has been halted.

So we might get the release date of Season 5 at the end of 2020 or in 2021.


As Smurf was shot dead at the end of season 4, we might not see Ellen Barkin. However, other characters of the main cast will reprise their roles, including Shawn Hatosy as Andrew Cody or Pope, Rigo Sanchez as Manny Ben Robson as Craig Cody, Jake Weary as Deran Cody, and Finn Cole as Joshua Cody or J.


The series follows a teen ‘Joshua’ who, after the demise of his mother, ended up with the Codys. However, The Codys happen to be criminal clan led by Smurf.

Joshua soon joins the family business as J. Although, a noble officer Leckie tried to help him get out of this dirty business, Joshua opted for a different path.

No information about the storyline for the upcoming season has been provided.

As soon as the lockdown ends, the shooting will commence.

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